On February 3rd, 2011, I was blessed!

I was allowed to participate in a life changing procedure!

Allow me to explain…Many years ago, in January of 1978,1 fell off a running horse and landed on my neck and back. The first hospital put me in the morgue overnight because they thought I was going to die and could see no point in allowing me to have a bed. Needless to say, my husband had me transferred to a different hospital in another town that had an orthopedist and neurologist. After a year of many ups and downs I started to get better, thanks to a Chiropractor.

By the 90s I had arthritis and was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease. Some NSAIDS helped, but as I had colon cancer in 2000 and lost one half of my colon, the NSAIDS started poisoning me because of the lack of colon to absorb them. Next came pain and more pain as my back disintegrated to the point that by 2006 I was in an electric wheelchair to go any distance.

In 2007 my pain management doctor told me about a Spinal Cord Stimulator. It interrupts the signal going to the brain that tells the brain there is pain. To me this was a life saver as with this I was able to do a great deal more than just lay in bed on a heating pad or an ice pack. I was doing anything I could to subdue the pain so I could get by with a minimal amount of medications and be relatively comfortable.

I had to have shoulder surgery on April 15, 2010. It was done by exploratory because of inability to have an MRI as it would implode the stimulator, and it was a lot more messed up that it might have been, naturally. I was still having problems with it on February 3, 2011, pain, movement impairment, and more. I was afraid I was going to have to have more surgery.

Then came the Blessing! Ross Petrie arranged for me to visit Dr. Greco and have PRP injections. Ross had told us about the wonderful improvements this is doing for people with problems like mine; no cartilage, failed back surgery and more. They withdrew my blood, treated it, showed me how the blood reacts and then started with my shoulder. It was not as painful as an epidural, by any means. They sprayed a numbing agent on the site, then shot a numbing agent into the site, and then shot the repairing solution into the site. This was very, very easy to handle. But then, I find anything easier to handle if I know what is going on. They repeated the same sequence in my lower back/sacroiliac area. After they cleaned me up, I got up and was totally comfortable. We thanked everyone and left.

I have not taken a pain pill or had on my stimulator since that moment. NO PAIN!!!!! The shoulder is getting better, but a little more slowly than the back. But, after all, it has only been ten days.

Now you understand why I feel BLESSED.

Margaret A. Russell


Patient with four-year-old wound facing amputation

Cape Coral’s Ed Herlund didn’t want his lower right leg amputated. After four years of bandaging a bloody gash on his shin, doctors told him he had no choice.

Just as he was preparing for life with one leg, Herlund agreed to use his own blood for a new wound-healing treatment.

Platelet-rich plasma therapy, which channels the healing power in a patient’s blood to speed recovery, healed Herlund’s wound in three weeks.

“When they pulled the dressing off, I stood there and cried. I couldn’t believe the results,” said Arlene Herlund, Ed’s wife.

(Testimonial from Ft Myers Newspaper Article 2010)
Ed and Arlene Herlund, Cape Coral, FL


Part Rotator cuff tear

This 52-year-old electrician had rotator cuff surgery on his right shoulder and was out of work for six months. He presented with pain in his surgically repaired shoulder, a partial rotator cuff tear in his other shoulder and a painful left lateral elbow. The pain in all three areas made it difficult for him to even hang a fan.

PRP matrix graft was injected in all three areas and at one week the patient reported “zero” pain. Three weeks later the patient complained of, “difficulty sleeping at night.” When asked if his shoulders were painful when he was sleeping he replied, “I don’t have any pain, in fact, two days after my injections I didn’t have any pain. I stopped taking the six hydrocodone I was taking daily for six months for the pain.”

The patient was obviously in withdrawal from stopping all the pain medicine so abruptly. Today the patient said, “this treatment saves my marriage because I was not the same person when I was on all the pain medicine.” He only had one PRP treatment!

Michael Tores, Sarasota, FL


L5/S1 Disc herniation

June 22, 2010

I am writing this testimonial one-year after an injury that I thought was the end of my pole-vaulting career. Please read on as I hope my success will help you see how great PRP really is:

As a college sophomore I injured my back and thought my pole vaulting career was over because in February 2009 an MRI showed a bulging disc located at L5/S1 in my lower back. At first the pain was excruciating. Car rides were uncomfortable, sleeping and walking all gave me pain. Physical therapy sessions consisting of heat and electric stimulation only lessened the pain a little. Nothing seemed to make the pain disappear. Frustrated and unhappy I decided to research non-surgical options and this new treatment called PRP. After doing my research I and hearing about the results from previous patients so I decided to fly to Clearwater, Florida and give it a try.

Before the treatment, my freshman year at Shippensburg University the highest I pole-vaulted was 14 feet 9 inches (To see proof visit http://www.directathletics.com/athletes/track/2209874.html and look for Bucknell Heptagonal 1/17/09). After receiving treatment in October 2009 the highest I jumped was 15 feet 9 inches, “one foot of improvement” after receiving the PRP treatment (To see proof visit http://www.directathletics.com/athletes/track/2761625.html and look for ECAC Division III Outdoor Championships 5/31/10).

To this day I have no back pain what so ever. I can continue my post-season workouts and lifting regimens without any hassle. Back burden lifts such, as squat and dead lift are pain free. I can now focus on improving my pole-vaulting marks even more!

Thanks, Nico Dalpiaz, Bethlehem, PA

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