OroGen Plus™

heritage-bioscience-plus-matrixOroGen Plus is a protein rich matrix that when used in conjunction with cytokine rich plasma, enhances the healing process by providing a scaffold over the wound site. This allows incoming and migrating cells a safe haven in which to proliferate and provides three very important proteins needed for tissue repair. The OroGen Plus process affords higher than native levels of fibronectin, vitronectin and fibrinogen. The purchase of equipment through OroGen Biosciences will allow the clinician to practice our patented technology.


Cytokine Rich Plasma

OroGen Biosciences will soon release its new version of Cytokine Rich Plasma. Unlike any other platelet rich plasma or growth factor product currently available, this product will revolutionize the regenerative medicine market. Thinking outside the box, the scientists at Heritage BioScience have completely redesigned the technology platform for harvesting and extracting growth factors from platelets. The highlights of this breakthrough focus on the elimination of centrifuges and the need for thrombin. Please keep a watch for the release of this fascinating new technology.


CRP Supplies

For those clinicians that wish to perform conventional CRP, we can provide the necessary FDA approved hardware and software from selected manufacturers. Contact our office for pricing and details!

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