Human Division

Founded in 2008,  OroGen Biosciences has focused on the unique healing properties of blood. Company founders brought a wealth of knowledge and experience from the early years of human heart transplantation and safeguarding patient’s blood in heart-lung machines.

Blood platelets were discovered to play a critical role in initiating clotting. But the story does not end there! Platelets also release important substances that act as messengers to recruit stem cells and attract components responsible for maintenance and repair the human body.

Cytokine rich plasma (CRP) evolved from this knowledge and has generated a growing excitement in the medical field to this day. Many formulas of CRP have been developed and used for a variety of medical conditions.

OroGen Biosciences has focused on all blood components including CRP. Unique processes create a remarkable line of products with the following key benefits:
•    Safety
•    Accelerating healing of soft tissue and bone
•    Pain reduction
•    Minimizing follow up care
•    Saving client time and expense
•    Saving professional staff time

To this extent, OroGen Biosciences products have resolved challenging cases that would not heal over months and even years.


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